Oslo 2010: Rehearsal coverage day 5

Welcome to escdaily.com’s fifth live day of rehearsal coverage from Oslo, also marking the first day of the second run of rehearsals. From now on in theres a slightly later start to the day which means that the team can have a well earned lie in!

Now join Luke, Alec and Deni for rehearsal reports as we return to the first semi final and the first 11 countries.

Here are our videos and reviews;

Sunstroke Project & Olia TiraRun Away

Sunstroke project is a symbiosis of a violin, saxophone and live vocals, making up a fashionable chaos of music which was founded less than 2 years ago.

Olia Tira is only 21 years old and has already achieved a lot, having released an album already and taking part in international song contests.

They combine this year to represent Moldova in Oslo.

Green lights on this performance to start with, after the fiddler has made his way to the central stage. Moldova have been experimenting with having balls on the backdrop, or not- and look to have decided against it. This is pretty much the finished article as there’s not a lot more they could do with it- or have time to change.


Peter Nalitch & FriendsLost And Forgotten

Peter Nalitch has become famous after he published a music video on YouTube which he made himself for the song Guitar. In about a month after he did it, 70,000 persons had already watched it.

This year he won the Russian National Final and therefore the right to represent Russia in Oslo.

A very quick stage set-up here, for the performance we’ve all come to know, but perhaps not love. It is very difficult to see just who is going to vote for this and push it over the line, but it could scrape into the final. The vocals are fine, and they have some snow coming down.

Malcolm LincolnSiren

Malcolm Lincoln is the 2010 comet in the Estonian music skies! The artist whose name was until now only known in the alternative music scene, surprised the public by winning the Estonian national selection show Eesti Laul 2010.

Malcom sings the very unique and different winning entry of Eesti Laul, “Sirens”, in Oslo.

Report: Not a lot to say here as the performance has hardly changed at all. The ending is nice as he kneels near the backing singers, kepeing everyone in shot as the osng comes to a close. The ptoblem with this song is that it is going for a very minority vote, and could struggle.


Kristina PelakovaHorehronie

Kristína Peláková started her singing carrier with the single I’m Yours in 2007. One year later she released a debut album, which went platinum in her country. In the national rounds her winning was virtually uncontested as in the final round she received nearly 40 per cent of public votes.

Her national number one hit Horehronie will represent Slovakia in Oslo.

Report: “Too dark” is the main critisism of this. The first run-through was vocally before, but she is getting better each time. There are some beautiful overhead camera shots of this one, but whilst the lighting is green it is hard to picko ut things on stage.

KuunkuiskaajatTyölki Ellää

Susan Aho and Johanna Virtanen are the co-founders and members of the duo Kuunkuiskaajat (Moon Whispers). Susan (36) started playing accordion at the age of 13 and Johanna (33) plays the harmonium, kantele and 2-row accordion.

Finland’s most successful contemporary folk group Kuunkuiskaajat will represent the country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

Report: Again, very good. Nice stage movement, vocals that are in tune, and a well-lit stage.

AishaWhat For?

Aisha received the 2nd place award in the competition of Young Latvian vocalists when being only five years old. She has hosted TV broadcasts, participated in TV shows and bewitched the whole Latvia as one of the favourites in the popular TV -show Dancing With the Stars 2.

Aisha has come close to winning the Latvian National Final previously and was finally successful this year.

Report: We have better vocals today from Latvia, and she’s holding some notes- but the ones that are dropped stick out like a soar thumb. She has a skin-coloured dress on and is wearing a crucifix. If she nails this, it’s well in the running to go through.

Milan StankovićOvo Je Balkan

Milan Stanković shot to fame from a Pop Idol-like contest in Serbia. The 22-year-old star achieved victory at almost every stage of the contest back in 2007. Since that year he’s become very successful, known for his eccentric dressing style and distinctive looks.

This year, alongside Goran Bregović, Milan will represent Serbia after winning “Tri pa jedan za Oslo 2010”.

Report: Milan is in blue and lilac today, as are the male backing dancers. The females are in white big dresses. There are no problems with vocals, but the props are causing some problems as they don’t rotate in time with eachother. Just a couple of camera shots need work, but this is going to the final.

Vukašin BrajićThunder And Lightning

Vukašin Brajić, who placed second in the pan-balkan pop music TV-contest Operation Triumph, believes his greatest advantage is his capacity for transformation on stage. He likes rock music because he can draw energy from it for his performances and it is the only style that reflects his temperament.

This year, Vukašin was internally selected by BHRT to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in Oslo.

Report: Vukašin is absolutely singing the pants off of this song, and it is well back into contention for a final place. The shots front-on with backing singers are excellent, especially at the end when they disappear back int othe dry ice.


Marcin MrozińskiLegenda

Marcin Mrozinski is a 24-year-old singer and actor. He also writes and composes his own songs. Marcin has a lot of success as actor and singer throughout his career.

His overwhelming victory in the Polish national selection makes him the 15th representative of his country.

This song starts well, but is ending in a very strange fashion- wripping off the backing singer’s dress and leaving her in just a scimpy little outfit.

Tom DiceMe and My Guitar

Ever since he can remember, the twenty-year-old Tom Dice has been working on his music. He taught himself how to play the guitar and wrote his very first song when he was twelve years old.

For Tom Dice, flying the flag for Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true.

Perofrming from the catwalk, Tom Dice is going to charm the viewers of Europe with this honest ballad. The staging is perfect for him, and he delivers every time. If this doesn’t qualify, something is seriously wrong!

Thea GarrettMy Dream

Thea Garrett has accompanied the North West Choir from the UK as a soloist whilst performing an oratory at the Anglican Church in Valletta. She is currently a member of Enkor, a gospel classical choir, with whom she also performs as soloist.

Her song “My Dream” is composed by Jason Cassar and lyrics by Sunny Aquilina – who introduced the Maltese queen of ballads, Chiara, to a wider audience.

We’re not getting the full camera run on Malta because one of the isn’t being attended to. That said, they make more of the pyro bit and the angel wings pointing out. Vocals are fine, and they’re obviously experiments how much dry ice to use, or not.


Thursday 20 May
Moldova 11.00 11.30
Russia 11.30 12.00
Estonia 12.00 12.30
Slovakia 13.30 14.00
Finland 14.00 14.30
Latvia 14.30 15.00
Serbia 15.00 15.30
Bosnia & Herzegovina 15.45 16.15
Poland 16.15 16.45
Belgium 16.45 17.15
Malta 17.15 17.45