First results of the Prediction Contest available

Team ESC Daily has calculated the first results of the Prediction Contest. In the battle between the Eurovision websites, Team Dobry wieczór Europo has won with the amazing score of 277 points. The readers competition was won by James with 284 points. 

James will now receive the promo package filled with some Eurovision CD’s.

We would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiasm in this competition. We really hope you enjoyed it and would like to participate next year again!

Below you can find the full results of the websites competition. The full results of the readers competition will be calculated tomorrow, but it is already clear that James is the winner.

  1. Team Dobry wieczór Europo: 277
  2. Team ESC Bubble: 263
  3. Team ESC Daily: 258
  4. Team 255
  5. Team ESCXtra: 244
  6. Team ESC Insight: 220
  7. Team ESC Kaz: 217