Croatia: Results of the first heat

The first out of 7 Dora shows this year has just finished. 12 artists sang songs by famous singers, and televoting decided who will get to the next round of the contest. The 5 qualifiers are: Damir Kedžo, Miro Tomić, Sabrina Hebiri, Dora Benc, Jacques Houdek (tonight’s winner). The 6th qualifier will be announced next week. A new voting is now opened, and will last until the beginning of the next Saturday’s show, when the 6th qualifier from this week is going to be announced.

Gabi Novak, Dino Jelušić i Milana Vlaović were the three “jury members” tonight, who’s task was to comment on the performer’s singing. Next week, when the second heat is going to be held, we will see a different jury.

Next week, the 12 singers which will try their luck singing hit songs are: Darija Kinzer, Renata Holi, Mijo Lešina, Marija Rubčić, Manuela Svorcan, Katica Marinović, Doris Teur, Mirko Švenda, Diana Heraković, Ana Eškinja, Filip Dizdar, and Saša Lozar.