Croatia: Results of the second heat

A few seconds ago, the second heat of Dora 2011, the Croatian national final, has ended. Tonight the jury members, who’s task was only to comment on the performers with no direct influence on the results were: Vanna (Croatian Eurovision entrant in 2001), Luka Nižetić (took part various times in Dora), and Sandra Bagarić (also a former Dora participant, took part together with Kraljevi Ulice in 2007).

Firstly, we have found out the name of the 6th qualifier from last week, and that is Tina Vukov, who received a total of 4845 televotes during the week. We will be seeing her again next week, in the third heat. Unfortunately, Damir Kedžo, who was originally announced as one of the 5 qualifiers last week, is definitely out of the contest.

Out of the 12 participants tonight, we have found out the names of 5 artists who qualified to the next round. They are: Katica Marinović, Ana Eškinja, Doris Teur (she won the semi final of Dora last year), Saša Lozar, and Mirko Švenda Žiga (won this heat with a total of 2969 votes). The 6th qualifier from tonight will be known next week, and he/she will be chosen by televoting during the week.

So, until now, we have got the names of 11 participants who we will see in the third heat, next Saturday. They are: Miro Tomić, Sabrina Hebiri, Dora Benc, Jacques Houdek, Jelena Vanjek, Tina Vukov, Katica Marinović, Ana Eškinja, Doris Teur, Saša Lozar, and Mirko Švenda Žiga.