Ireland: Retake the Master Eurovision Mind Quiz

After Song 2 in Friday’s final a break was taken from the songs for ‘Master Eurovision Mind’. Journalist and self-confessed hardcore contest fan Mairéad Farrell took on member of the audience and contest fan, Shay Toman. The prize was a jacket worn by Johnny Logan and contestants had sixty seconds to answer as many questions as possible.

Below you can see the questions. How many would you have answered correctly? We will publish the answers tomorrow in our overview of this busy weekend of national selections.

Mairéad Farrell’s questions
a. In what year was the first ever Eurovision Song Contest?
b. How many points did United Kingdom give to Waterloo in 1974?
c. What was the combined age of the six Russian grannies who took part in 2012? Was it more than 400 years or more than 500 years?
d. What is three times Eurovision winner Johnny Logan’s real name?
e. Which of these show band legends did not represent Ireland at Eurovision: Joe Dolan, Red Hurley, Dickie Rock?
f. In 1983 the Turkish Eurovision entry consisted entirely of one word repeated over and over and over and over again. What was that word?
g. In what year did Ireland last win the Eurovision Song Contest?
h. Which country has come last in Eurovision the most amount of times?
i. Complete this song title Hold Me _.
j. Who was the 1000th act to compete on the Eurovision Song Contest stage?

Shay Toman’s questions
k. In what year did Ireland first enter Eurovision Song Contest?
l. How many times did Cliff Richard perform at Eurovision?
m. ABBA won with Waterloo in 1974. Which B is backwards in their name, the first or second?
n. What colour suit did Johnny Logan famously wear when he sang What’s Another Year?
o. In 1968 Pat McGeegan entered Eurovision for Ireland. What famous boxer is his son?
p. Name the country who sent the only non-human act to Eurovision.
q. What country did Australian singer Olivia Newton-John represent in 1974?
r. How many times has Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest?
s. Which former Eurovision Song Contest winner’s current album is called To Beast Or Not To Beast?
t. According to Brian Kennedy every song is a cry for what?
u. What is the maximum number of performers allowed on stage at Eurovision?
v. Five countries automatically qualify for the Eurovision final each year, name two.
w. What colour represented United Kingdom in 2011?

How did you do? There were mistakes in some of the questions and the answers. Did you notice them?

Remember there is still more happening today. France and Azerbaijan choose their songs and Belgium has its second semi-final. We will be blogging live for all three shows.

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