Review: Boggie emotional after winning in Hungary

The Hungarian preselection A Dal never ceases to surprise in its results. The winner, however, was undisputed. Singer-songwriter Boggie took the victory with her song ‘Wars for Nothing’. ESC Daily was at the MTVA Studios in Budapest and looks back at what happened.

Compared to previous weeks, the atmosphere was tense. Artists did not want to come out before the show and give interviews – except of course for the young band PASSED, who was energetic as always. After pre-recording a joint song for the opening act, the arena filled itself with visitors, and the show was about to start.

Different from previous weeks – the jury did not give their points straight away after the performances. They did, however, give comments which were often quite telling. Take for example boyband Spoon. Up till now, they had been more popular with televoters and not so much with the juries. But just like in 2013, when ByeAlex won the competition, jury members felt that they had to qualify Spoon because of their popularity with televoters. “Your song has grown on me,” Philip Rakay therefore noted.

Kati Wolf after A Dal FinalAfter all the performances, it was time for the jury to choose the four songs for the superfinal. Boggie and Ádám Szabó had so far been top favorites with the jury – and indeed, they easily qualified for the final four. Surprisingly enough, the other two jury favorites Kati Wolf and PASSED were excluded from the superfinal. PASSED received a shocking 0 points, whereas Kati Wolf finished a narrow fifth. Besides Ádám, Boggie and Spoon, Mujahid Zoltán was the surprising fourth qualifier.

At that point, the audience could decide the winner through 100% televoting. The battle between Ádám and Boggie, as many people had predicted before the show. The four acts were called on stage, and when Boggie was announced as the winner, she first gave Ádám a long hug before getting ready for her reprise. In this reprise, the emotions got the better of her – vocally, this was not her best performance.

Boggie interview Steef A Dal Final“I was so tired already by then,” Boggie would tell me after the show. “And I am even more tired now. It was a day with so many emotions. I woke up with the feeling that I might win. But after the jury voting, I had a strong feeling it would be someone else.”

The visuals of Boggie’s performance have changed a lot during A Dal, and they will be changed again for Vienna. “The stage in Vienna will be very different from this one. I will change my dress, change the visual aspects of the song – I just do not know yet how exactly we will perform it there. But we will do everything to make the best out of it.”