Review of semi final 2 in Ukraine

Saturday night saw the conclusion of the Vidbir semi final stage take place in Ukraine. This semi final also saw some returning acts such as Tayanna, Mélovin and Illaria. It certainly did not disappoint. Again STB broadcast the show in partnership with the national broadcaster UA:PBC.

The venue was the same as last week, the ‘KPI’ Palace of Culture. The interval act for this semi final was Madame Monsieur from France, with their song ‘Mercy’.

Below you can read the review by our Ukraine-expert Sadie Trent. But first the full results, which are as follows:

Semi final 2 results

Semi-final 2 – 17 February 2018
Draw Artist Song Jury Televote Total Place
Percentage Points
2 Mélovin “Under the Ladder” 8 25,49% 9 17 1
4 Tayanna “Lelya” 9 13,23% 7 16 2
5 Kadnay “Beat of the Universe” 7 15,40% 8 15 3
7 Mountain Breeze “I See You” 6 10,69% 6 12 4
8 Illaria “Syla” 5 7,48% 4 9 5
6 Yurcash “Stop Killing Love” 3 9,29% 5 8 6
1 Ingret “Save My Planet” 2 6,96% 3 5 7
3 Julinoza “Hto ya?” 4 4,70% 1 5 8
9 Dilemma “Na Party” 1 6,47% 2 3 9

In-depth analysis of the second semi in Ukraine

Tayanna – Leyla (2nd place overall)

A new sound and look from Tayanna, who was one of 2 favourites to qualify from the 2nd semi final. An up-tempo dance track which is much different to the ballad she previously entered vidbir with. Tayanna gave it all during this performance, showing off her dance moves, however, because this is a dance track, she does not need to show off her strong vocals (that everyone knows she has). She wore a mini gold/orange loose fitting dress to compliment her figure and the moves she was pulling off.

Melovin – Under the Ladder (1st overall)

This was a faultless performance from Melovin. He wore a black and white suit, which seems to have become a trademark look for him. This song is an up-tempo pop track, but there is not a lot of movement from Melovin, he is not using the space on the stage to his advantage. There is a lot of repetition in this song, but that is what makes this song stand out and shows off his vocal ability. The staging is really powerful in colour and pyrotechnics though, so that does make up for his lack of movement on stage.

KADNAY – Beat of the Universe (3rd overall)

KADNAY stuck to their roots with an ethnic rock track, and it played to their advantage, as they were the final qualifying act from this semi final. As usual they wore all black and let the colours of the staging, the music and the lyrics do the talking. The vocals were deep but excellent for this genre of song, and the instruments really compliment the voice well, and also the instruments are what make this an ethnic rock track.

Mountain Breeze – I see You (4th overall)

A typical pop song sung in Ukrainian. Having a young male vocalist really sets the tone for this song, as his vocals are good, with a few minor exceptions. The lead male vocalist is also multi talented as he can sing and play the guitar at the same time during the song (as demonstrated in the footage from the show last night). The casual outfit from the lead vocalist fits in well with the casual nature of the song.

Julinoza – Hto ya? (8th overall)

Julinoza had a unique style for this song, a style which in some cases can be compared to Pur:Pur. Another act who is multi-talented by playing the piano and singing (although that is standard for a ballad). This is a ballad with different instruments (such as a triangle) to make it sound unique, and not like a standard ballad. Her vocals started off really high pitched and she didn’t struggle to reach or hold those notes at all. Her vocals got better as the song progressed. Visually there was not a lot to this song.

Yurcash – Stop killing Love (6th overall)

A typical Ukrainian rock song (with no ethnic elements) from Yurcash. They are wearing what can only be described as long brown outfits that make them look live cavemen (not sure if that is the look they were going for). The lead vocalist had an ideal rock voice that complimented the song well, and he used the stage (and the megaphone) to his advantage. The other band members all played different rock instruments, and added a dimension to this song.

Illaria – Syla (5th overall)

Illaria gave an almost perfect performance last night. Her vocals were impeccable. The staging (with the sun in the background) told the story as the song was in Ukrainian. This was a traditional ethnic song (that can’t be pinned down to one genre). Her outfit is a long cream dress with gold all the way down the centre. This is the best entry (I think) that Illaria has had in vidbir.

Dilemma – Na Party (9th overall)

Dilemma came last in this semi final. This was your typical cheesy pop song that had no real structure or no real vocal ability in it at all. The outfits and staging were all very bight to match the cheesy feel of the song. The rapping section in this song left a lot to be desired too.

Ingret – Save my Planet (7th overall)

Ingret wasn’t amazing vocally in this performance. She was wearing Silver and Pink, however the outfit did not really add much to the performance. This song is a pop song. She was not using the staging to the best of her ability, she was not using the power in her voice, this was not a good start for Ingret.

Order of qualification (for finalists)

Name of act Name of song Total points score Qualification position
Melovin Under the Ladder 17 1
Tayanna Leyla 16 3 (equal number of televote points but with a percentage of 13.23%)
Kadnay Beat of the Universe 15 4
Laud Waiting 16 2 (equal number of televote points but with a percentage of 14.84%)
The Erised Heroes 13 5
Vilna Forest Song 12 6