Review: Strong songs in Poland’s Krajowe Eliminacje final

After a spectacular final in Warsaw, Gromee & Lukas Meijer emerged victorious with their song Light me up. Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to cover the show live for you. However, here’s a review of all the songs that competed in the national final!

Pablosson – Sunflower

Up first was a solo singer by the name of Pablosson, and his song was called Sunflower. This was not a typical Eurovision song, and it seems as though it was a song that was originally written/composed in Polish and somehow got lost in translation. He wore a bikers outfit which did not seem to fit in with the song theme at all, and the staging was rather lacklustre. His vocals were also extremely weak, and would have needed a lot of work. He certainly knew how to work the camera, and because of that he was able to connect with the Polish viewing public at home.

Marta Galuszewska – Why don’t we go

Next up was an extremely high quality production from Marta. For me, this seemed as though it belonged elsewhere (maybe in somewhere like Melodifestivalen). She has the pink hair like Dinah Nah. She wore a long yellow coat with a short white outfit underneath. This was a mid tempo pop song, and her vocals were able to sine through really well. Even though she was moving around the stage a lot her vocals didn’t drop once.

Maja Hyzy – Skin

Next up was Maja with the song skin. She wore a skin coloured long dress. This song had some ethnic polish beats in it which worked really well with her voice. Again the staging was really lacklustre (maybe because TVP did not have a high budget). All in all an interesting performance.

Future Folk – Krakowiacy i gorale

Future Folk were one of the underdogs going into the grand final last night. This is a mix of urban rock and pop, and this mixture seems to work really well for the song and the voices. The band wore all black so the colours of the staging could be easily noticed, and that the lazer lights could also be easily noticed. A song about Cracow, the beautiful city in the east of Poland.

Isabel Otrebus – Delirium

This is not a debut for Isabel Otrebus. Sadly she came second to last with this try. Everything about this performance was not right for her. Her vocals we not on par with how she usually is, her staging was very confusing and did not match the song at all. She tried to be her usual self and make the best of the situation she was in. However this entry was not right for her, and she looked like she knew it.

Poland’s Eurovision entry for 2018:

This performance ended up winning. It was the strongest of the night in terms of the overall package, vocals, staging, costumes and composition of the song. It was a pop song with some ballad elements within it, and that is what worked well for the vocalists. He is also multi talented in the fact that he can play the electric guitar whilst he is singing.

Happy Prince – Don’t let go

This is sadly another of the weakest performances from last night’s final. The dancers did not fit in with the over all story telling within the song, and many people were left confused by what they had to do with the performance in the first place. The vocals were really weak but the composition was great. A smoky background again had nothing to do with the performances. This was a ballad with some beats added in.

Saszan – Nie chce ciebie mniej

Another strong female vocalist with an extremely high quality production. More effort has been put into this staging than some of the other performances from the night. The song is a slower tempo pop song, and the vocals are shown off incredibly well in this performance. Everything about this performance just seems to blend in.

Ifi Ude – Love is stronger

This is another slow tempo pop song with some beats in there. The colour theme for this performance seems to be red. The backing vocalists work very well with the female soloist. The lyrics on the screen tell a wonderful story that the soloist is portraying through her emotions. She is wearing red to compliment the background that she is singing against.

Monika Ulrik – Momentum

Last up last night was the third place composition by the Swedish songwriting duo Ylva and Linda Persson. This is a lovely slow ballad where Monika is able to shine through. No fancy staging is needed, just Monika, a microphone and her incredible vocals do the song justice, and towards the end her voice really soars up to the highest notes in the song. She is wearing all black for this performance.


Final – 3 March 2018
Draw Artist Song (English translation) Composer(s) Jury Televote Total Place
1 Pablosson “Sunflower” Paweł Stasiak, Jens Bjerelius 1 1 2 10
2 Marta Gałuszewska “Why Don’t We Go” Marta Gałuszewska, Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek, Sarah Reeve, Steven Manovski 6 8 14 5
3 Maja Hyży “Błysk” (Flash) Lanberry, Jakub Krupski, Krzysztof Morange, Michał Głuszczuk, Piotr Siejka 4 3 7 7
4 Future Folk “Krakowiacy i górale” (Cracovians and highlanders) San Sanzyński, Stan Stanzczykowski 2 5 7 8
5 Isabell Otrębus “Delirium” Elize Ryd, Jonas Thander, Joy Deb 3 2 5 9
6 Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer “Light Me Up” Andrzej Gromala, Lukas Meijer, Mahan Moin, Christian Rabb 8 12 20 1
7 Happy Prince “Don’t Let Go” Jakub Prachowski 12 7 19 2
8 Saszan “Nie chcę ciebie mniej” (I don’t want less of you) Saszan, Lanberry, Piotr Siejka 5 4 9 6
9 Ifi Ude “Love Is Stronger” Ifi Ude, Polly Scattergood, Glenn Kerrigan, Paweł Dziemski 10 6 16 4
10 Monika Urlik “Momentum” Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Niklas Bergqvist, Simon Johansson 7 10 17 3

Detailed Jury Voting results

Detailed Jury Votes
Draw Song M. Rodowicz Tabb J. Borysewicz K. Moś S. Terrazzino Total
7 “Don’t Let Go” 10 8 10 12 12 52
9 “Love Is Stronger” 8 10 8 10 10 46
6 “Light Me Up” 12 12 3 7 8 42
10 “Momentum” 7 7 12 8 7 41
2 “Why Don’t We Go” 5 3 7 6 4 25
8 “Nie chcę ciebie mniej” 6 5 5 2 5 23
3 “Błysk” 3 6 4 5 2 20
5 “Delirium” 4 4 2 3 6 19
4 “Krakowiacy i górale” 1 2 6 4 3 16
1 “Sunflower” 2 1 1 1 1 6