Review: Two winners in Hungary’s first semi final

The first semi final of A Dal in Hungary started out with some shocking points. But at the end of the night, everything got back to normal: Boggie & Ádám Szabó led the scoreboard, and Spoon kicked out New Level Empire in a highly competitive televote.

This year, participants of A Dal are allowed to change their compositions and arrangements of the songs. The idea is that jury advices can be taken seriously and votes can change: new rounds, new opportunities! Yesterday night started out interesting when Antal Timi had changed her song drastically, and got a much higher reward from the jury. Vera Tóth did not make any improvements, and the jury punished her for it. It seemed as though nothing would be certain for the rest of that night…


Timi Antal speaks to a journalist before the show

However, soon enough everything was back to normal. Zoltán Mujahid came on and managed to beat Antal Timi’s score. After that, Ádám Szabó managed to get an almost top score from the jury again, even getting a record 9 points from the App Vote. Boggie, the other quarter final winner, could not stay far behind. She got three times 10 points from jury members (only Jenö gave her 8) and another 9 from the App, which brought her on the exact same amount of points as Ádám. Both qualified for the final.

Boggie was delighted to qualify for the final. I had the opportunity to speak with her before and after the show. We talked about her song, and about representing your country at Eurovision. When I asked about the special meaning that most of her songs seem to have, she told me that she is usually a quiet person. “Some people talk about their emotions, but I can not. That is why I became a singer. If I have strong feelings, I make a song.”


Boggie bows down to give her autograph to the kids

New Level Empire was allowed to close out the show. As in the first round, jury member Pierrot thought it necessary to offend the band by calling their song “arrogant”. “Voting for this is like ordering popcorn in a restaurant,” he said. It therefore came down to a televoting battle between New Level Empire, Spoon, Antal Timi and Vera Tóth. Nobody expected Pankastic! or Karmapolis to make any impact – and they did not. Spoon won the televote in the end, and qualified for the final.


Spoon poses for a picture, while Boggie stands in the background