Richard Wilkins chairperson of the Australian Eurovision 2018 jury

Journalist and DJ Richard Wilkins has been announced as the chairperson of the national jury for Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The other four members are comedian Jordan Raskopoulos, artist Sukhdeep Singh Bhogal (L-FRESH The LION), music journalist Susanna Rowe and executive producer Milie Millgate.

As you might already know, the jury from each country provides for 50% of the result at the Eurovision Song Contest. But the way they rank all entries, has been slightly changed. Below you can find the full list of jury members for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018:

Jury members Eurovision Song Contest 2018

On the list are also numerous artists from previous years including Nathan Trent (Austria), Bryan Rice & Emmelie de Forest (Denmark), Tom Dice (Belgium), Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland), Mariette (Sweden) & Bojana Stamenov (Serbia). Check out the full list by downloading it here.


  1. No one in Australia really likes him, so a bizzare choice.

    However, I won’t say any more, because I might hurt his feelings.

    Yours truly, Gibster.

    • “No one in Australia really likes him” … On what basis do you make that half-assed assertion, If you have ever watched the Today Show when it is on location around Australia, you will have seen how people really do like Richard Wilkins, he is one of their faves. Wilkins low key and reasonably self-depreciating style is what makes him so liked by Hollywood A-listers and pop music’s mega celebrities.

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