Romania: “Big names should be proud to represent their country”

According to Ramona Nerra, participant in Selectia Nationala 2017, it is a shame that the real big names in the Romanian music industry refuse to take part at Eurovision. “It is sad, because they get the chance to represent their country and they should be proud of it.”

In recent years she took part in The Voice of Germany and The Voice of Romania. Because she is living in Germany, she can see a clear difference between the way people look at Eurovision in both nations. “Yes, there is a different flow about it. They [Germans, red.] see Eurovision as a championship, that is how it should be in every country.”

Romana Nerra: “Save Me is something different in Romania”

With her song ‘Save Me’, she hopes to represent her country in Kiev. But she has some doubts if this kind of song will win the final in Romania. “’Save Me’ is a little bit different than other songs in Eurovision. For Romania this would be something different. Many people here go for big ballads, this is a fast song. I don’t know how well the Romanians will understand this kind of music.”

Maxim aiming for the patriotic vote

Another act in the final of Selectia Nationala is Maxim. They are one of the few acts that really show the Romanian culture in their performance. We spoke to them just before the semi final of last weekend.

“It is very important to show your own culture at the Eurovision Song Contest. That is what we are counting on. We aim for the patriotic vote of the Romanian people. This is the only song in the contest with a patriotic Romanian instrument.”

Between these two songs, which one would be your favourite?