Romania: “Enthusiasm for Eurovision has lowered a bit”

Because of the disqualification of last year and no top results in recent years, Eurovision is not as popular in Romania as it used to be. However, 2017 might be the year that turns things around for them, thinks Steef van Gorkum who was at the semi final.

Our chief editor was in Bucharest to follow the show in Romania and told us about the vibe over there in our podcast Scout Around: “There was a time when Romania had top results year after year and they got close to a win. Then their luck changed and last year obviously was quite a shock. People are a bit cynical now, saying that they have their selection now, but they will wait and see if the song will actually be performed in Kiev.”

Last year Ovidiu Anton was bound to represent Romania. He got a recital at the Romanian semi final this year. “They gave him a big stage, everything he needed to promote his music. Not for 200 million viewers across the globe, but at least for the people in Romania. It was not even an interval act, more like a mini concert.”