Romania: UPD: Hayley Evetts witdraws, Mihai Tristariu in semi final

UPDATE: Hayley Evettes has decided to withdraw from the Romanian Selecţia Naţională after getting injured. Among the twelve hopefuls remains Mihai Tristariu, who represented Romania in 2006 with his song ‘Tornero’ and reached 4th place that year.

The semi final will take place on March 4th, and will determine which six songs will make it through to the final two days later. Both shows will be broadcast live from Baia Mare. Hayley Evetts who had been selected to participate in Romania’s Eurovision 2016 has withdrawn from the contest. The singer has been replaced by Gaşca de acasă with the song “Tu eşti povestea”.

These are the twelve songs in the Romanian semi final. Listen to the songs by clicking on the names!

Mihai Tristariu as mentioned reached 4th place at Eurovision 2006, Hayley Evetts finished 5th in the UK’s Pop Idol in 2002. Romania will participate in the Second Semi Final on Thursday 12th May.


  1. I love Ovidiu Anton… he’s a got a great voice and a very good interpretation. I think Romania deserve a chance to the podium, but after listening to the others participants… not sure what’s going to happen. Anyway: GO, Romania. You can do it!

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