Romania: Newcomers Emma and Eduard Santha want to break through via Eurovision

“I am a newcomer, so going to Eurovision would be huge for me, mate!” Eduard Santha is very clear: Selectia Nationala is the biggest thing that ever happened to his career. 

Emma (part of the duet with Tavi) thinks the same about her entry. Tavi is an established name in the Romanian music scene. He asked Emma to be a part of his team. “She is basically my wife, I was forced to!” he says with a smile on his face. However he enjoys the new vibe of Selectia Nationala this year. “The concept is new, the stage is new. It’s great!”

Emma adds that she is going to enjoy the experience too. “People should relax a little more. Music is beautiful, listen to your heart.”

Specifically for Eurovision

Emma & Tavi’s songwriter explains that he wrote their song “We own the night” specifically for Eurovision. “It is not a song for radio, I know that. And it was also written specifically for these two people. That is normal, I always work like that. With a very strict plan in mind.”

Eduard Santha, too, has set his mind entirely on the Eurovision Song Contest. “I will devote all of my energy and all of my soul on that. It would be a huge honour.” In his song “Wild Child”, Santha tries “to express the courage, the instinct that comes out of the human being when he tries to conquer this world.”