Romania: Qualifiers Chosen for National Final

TVR broadcasted the semi-final of the Romanian national selection – “Selecția Națională” 2016. Tonight, six qualifiers were chosen out of twelve participants live from Baia Mare, Romania.

Semi-final was hosted by Cornel Ilie, Ioana Voicu and Ioana Anuța–Jo. Jury panel for the semi-final consisted of Alexandra Cepraga (music director), Horia Moculescu (composer, producer), Randi (singer, producer), Zoli Toth (musician, represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 as part of Sistem) and Cezar Ouatu (counter-tenor, represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013).

The jury decided on the first four qualifiers, including Mihai Tristariu, who previously represented Romania in 2006. Ovidiu Anton won the jury vote, after which televoters could add two more qualifiers.

Running order (qualfiiers in bold):

  1. Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț – “The Voice” (Public finalist)
  2. Andra Olteanu – “Nai nai”
  3. Dream Walkers – “Let It Shine” (Jury finalist)
  4. Irina Popa  -“Letting Go”
  5. Jukebox – “Come On Everybody”
  6. Mihai Băjinaru – “Never Too Late”
  7. Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian – “I’m Coming Home” (Public finalist)
  8. Mihai – “Paradisio” (Jury finalist)
  9. Florena – “Behind the Shadows” (Jury finalist)
  10. Gașca de acasă – “Tu ești povestea”
  11. Ovidiu Anton – “Moment of Silence” (Jury winning finalist)
  12. Xandra – “Superhuman”

Ovidiu Anton – Moment of Silence (Tonight’s winning qualifier):