Ronela Hajati represents Albania at Turin 2022

The Albanian Eurovision selection is complete, with Ronela Hajati set to fly the Albanian flag in Torino. She will sing ‘Sekret’ at Eurovision.

A total of 20 acts competed in the selection, 6 newcomers and 14 established artists. The selection ran over three nights, with three of the newcomers eliminated on night one. On night two, the established artists performed their entries as a duet with guest singers. The three remaining newcomers performed their songs solo on stage once again.

The final saw all 17 artists perform their entries again, some with English lyrics included. Here are the finalists:

  • Olimpia Smajlaj – “Dua” (I want) – Newcomer
  • Denis Skura – “Pse nuk flet, mama?” (Why don’t you talk, mum?)
  • Kelly – “Meteor”
  • Sajmir Çili – “Nën maskë” (Under the mask)
  • Ester Zahiri – “Hiena” (Hyena) – Newcomer
  • Kastro Zizo – “Kujë” (Mourn)
  • Urban Band – “Padrejtësi” (Injustice)
  • Gjergj Kaçinari – “Në ëndërr mbete ti” (You remain in dreams)
  • Evi Reci – “Me duaj” (Love me)
  • Mirud – “Për dreq” (Damn)
  • Endri & Stefi – “Triumfi i jetës” (The triumph of life)
  • Ronela Hajati – “Sekret” (Secret)
  • Shega – “Një” (One)
  • Janex – “Deluzional” (Delusional)
  • Eldis Arrnjeti – “Refuzoj” (I refuse) – Newcomer
  • Alban Ramosaj – “Theje” (Crush)
  • Rezarta Smaja – “E jemja nuse” (The bride of mine)

The winner was decided solely through jury voting. They jury consisted of last year’s Eurovision representative Anxhela Peristeri, along with Agim Doçi, Anxhela Faber, Osman Mula, Rozana Radi, Olsa Toqi and Olti Curri.

Winning the competition was Ronela Hajati with her song, Sekret. In second place was Alban Ramosaj with Theje. In joint third was Eldis Arrnjeti and Rezarta Smaja. 

Check out Ronela Hajati – Sekret