Ronela Hajati “wanted to go home” after social media backlash to rehearsal


According to Ronela Hajati, her second Eurovision rehearsal was “full of mistakes”. She told this to ESCDaily at her press conference. However, she did not expect the backlash on social media to be so rough.

“Honey, today was full of mistakes. And they were not my mistakes,” Ronela said. “But these are things that can be fixed.” During the rehearsal, Ronela complained about sound issues in her in-ear microphone. Rumours also suggest that Albania was unhappy with the decision to not use LED-screens in the sun element on stage.

Watch Ronela Hajati at her Eurovision press conference:

However, this was not the only thing that made Ronela unhappy. After her rehearsal, she received a lot of criticism on social media. Some of those comments were quite rude, leading her to send this tweet:

Ronela Hajati Eurovision twitter

In response to comments Ronela and also several other artists and crew members received, EBU released the following statement:

Ronela Hajati stayed in Turin with her delegation despite her above mentioned tweet. She will perform in tonight’s jury show and tomorrow in the tv show of the first semi final of Eurovision 2022 with her song “Sekret”. Albania is the show opener.