Rotterdam or Maastricht will host Eurovision in 2020

Ahoy Rotterdam. Photo Credit: stevenbrandist Flickr via Compfight cc

Maastricht and Rotterdam remain in the race for Eurovision host city in The Netherlands. Dutch broadcaster NPO has announced this today. Utrecht, Den Bosch and Arnhem are out of the picture.

NPO stated that the flexibility of both Ahoy (Rotterdam) and MECC (Maastricht) played an important role in the decision. “These venues are not only suitable for the tv-shows, but also for dressing rooms, press center and other important aspects of Eurovision.”

Both cities also fulfill the requirements in terms of hotel rooms and traffic plans. The city councils of Maastricht and Rotterdam have both promised to contribute financially. While this was still an issue for Utrecht and Den Bosch.

Technical requirements: is MECC’s roof high enough?

In the upcoming weeks, delegations from EBU will visit Rotterdam and Maastricht. These visits will focus mainly on the technical requirements of the arenas. One main question in this regard will be: does conference center MECC have a roof that’s high enough? In a later stadium, financial details will also be discussed.

EBU said in a reaction that they are impressed by the large number of suitable proposals within The Netherlands. “We are now extremely confident that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will be a great success.”

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  1. I hope it will be in Maastricht. That way it would be in the best, prettiest and most Dutch province in the Netherlands. Definitely better than Rotterdam. Or Utrecht.

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