Russia: Tolmachevy Sisters will ‘Shine’ in Copenhagen

The Tolmachevy Sisters will perform the song ‘Shine’ in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The Russian song has been composed by Philipp Kirkorov, who has done that many times before (for instance Belarus 2007 and Ukraine 2008).

The lyrics have been written by Gerard James Borg, together with John Ballard and Ralph Charlie. The twins, who won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, will take part in the first semifinal on the 6th of May in Copenhagen.

The song videoclip of the song will premiere later today at


    • the mmost amount of points for Russia will come from Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia e.g. as it happened after the Balkan war (and their we had a REAL war) when Bosnia gave 12 to Serbia or Croatia etc and some year’s before they killed each other. The people of these countries, most of them, are fed up with politics and will vote for a song or singer they like or fan

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