S10 keeps her staging intimate “to make the viewer feel safe”

S10 will take centre-stage for the Netherlands in Turin photo: EBU

At the Netherlands’ press conference, singer S10 explained why her staging is so dark and intimate. “I wanted to keep it all close to myself. I tell a personal story to the viewers at home, and I want them to feel seen and safe.”

S10 feels exposed at the stage. “I chose to be vulnerable. You see my belly, my chest, my head and my face. These are the parts of the body where the soul is, and so I chose to show those parts of myself.”

Check out the full quote of S10 at her Eurovision 2022 press conference:

We also asked S10 why she chose to stay away from the beautiful strobe lighting staging that she had at her performance at “Matthijs gaat door”. S10 says that this staging was designed not by her own team but by the tv-producers of that show. Her team had already been working on a different plan, and she decided to stick with this plan.