Sacha Jean-Baptiste: “I only work with artists that give me total control”

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, staging director Sacha Jean-Baptiste qualified with Bulgaria, Armenia and Australia, whilst only Georgia did not make it. Last year she staged four acts, and reached the final with all of them.

With these results, she will probably be asked to do the artistic directing of another Eurovision act next year again. Sacha Jean-Baptiste explains to us which reasons she uses to accept the offer to do the staging for a country, or not.

“I need to have a country that believes in me, the way I believe in them” tells Sacha. “A good song, with an interesting artist, that trust me. I am a control freak, the delegation needs to accept that and trust me and my ideas.”

Check out the interview with Sacha Jean-Baptiste:

Her preparations for the contest start the moment she gets contacted for the very first time. “When I get approached by a country, I try to read up on an artist. What is his or her interest, what range do they have. If that feels right, I am ready to step in.”

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