Sam Ryder: “Changing British attitude towards Eurovision is more important than a good result”

Sam Ryder wants to give a good performance with his song “Space Man” in the Eurovision Grand Final. However, he knows that this is not the most important part. “You can get fooled into thinking that it is the main goal. But it is actually not.”

Ryder realized that changing the British attitude towards Eurovision should be the long term goal. “And anything I can do with my time leading up to the event, to achieve this goal – that is what matters most.”

His answers come in response to ESCDaily’s question: “Do you think the United Kingdom can stop blaming external reasons (like Brexit) for their bad results, and start thinking about what they can do themselves?”

Check out Sam Ryder’s full answer about whether Eurovision is decided by politics:

Ryder’s manager adds: “I have never believed it was about politics at all. We all know the reasons why the United Kingdom has done bad in the past. But this guy (Sam Ryder, red.) deserves credit. He has done an incredible job shifting perceptions.”