Samantina Tina amongst the last 9 in Latvia, Markus Riva out

Samantina Tina will take part in Supernova again in 2020. Broadcaster LTV announced the nine final candidates and the multiple former participant is on the list. Markus Riva has not made the cut.

Last week, the 126 submitted entries were narrowed down to 26 acts. A special jury now cut down that field again to just 9 acts for the final on February 8th. Other former participants on the list include Edgars Kreilis and Miks Dukurs.

The nine hopefuls for the Latvian final in 2020 are:

Bad Habits
Edgars Kreilis
Katrina Bindere
Katrina Dimanta
Miks Dukurs
Samanta Tina