EBU: Not too late to discuss San Marinese proposal

The proposal from the San Marinese broadcaster SMRTV will be discussed in the Reference Group. Despite the fact that the rules for the 2017 contest have already been set, it is not too late to change the rules if the Reference Group agrees to it. Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand said this to ESCDaily earlier this week.

Last week, San Marino RTV presented a proposal to the EBU for a televoting simulation during the Eurovision Song Contest. SMRTV wants to get rid of the combined result of televoting for nations that can not come up with their own results.

“At least we will discuss it in January. The rules are set, but let’s have a look at it still, and see whether we can go into that direction or not, for this year,” says Sand, thereby not excluding the opportunity that the rules for the contest in Kiev could still be changed. Watch our full interview with Jon Ola Sand HERE!

The proposal provides for the creation of a statistically representative sample of viewers of an X number of people living in San Marino. These ‘jurors’ need to watch two of the three evenings eurovisive and vote via the web in the same television windows – that is, at the same time – granted to other European viewers. The vote of this ‘panel’ would join that of the jury to go to form the total vote at the San Marino Eurovision Song Contest.