Satellite enters the Australian chart

For just over twenty years no Eurovision winner has touched the top forty in Australia – however this changed this morning.

The German winner of Eurovision 2010, Lena Meyer-Landrut with “Satellite”, has debuted at number #37 in the ARIA charts – the highest Eurovision charting winning single for almost three decades.

Lena’s top 40 position is the first time since Australian born Johnny Logan’s “Hold Me Now” peaked at position #40 after winning Eurovision back in 1987. The previous best charting was by Bucks Fizz, whom charted at position #6 with “Making Your Mind Up” back in 1981 – almost three decades ago.

Not a winner, but Australian Gina G charted at position 5 with her Eurovision entry “Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit” for the United Kingdom in 1996.

Alexander Rybak’s record breaking “Fairytale” peaked at number 67 on the ARIA charts back in 2009.