Scotland: Will independence lead to Eurovision?

Today the eyes of the world will be fixed upon one small European country in particular: Scotland. The Scottish people will head to the polls today to decide whether or not to become an independent nation and leave the UK. We here at ESCDaily couldn’t help but imagine what the future would hold should an independent Scotland decide to take part in Eurovision.

The idea of seperate Eurovision entries for the UK nations has arisen before, with Wales and Scotland both keen on showing off their musical talent on the big Eurovision stage however the BBC, which are the active representative for the UK in Eurovision, represent the UK in it’s entirety which includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so unfortunately these countries, by default, are unable to participate individually.

In an independent Scotland public broadcasters would need to apply for EBU membership in order to represent Scotland at the Eurovision Song Contest, the two main broadcasters would be STV (which already hold active EBU membership) and the newly proposed SBS (Scottish Broadcasting Service) which is set to replace BBC services in Scotland should the country decide upon independence. Therefore an independent Scotland could be competing at the Eurovision Song Contest as early as 2016. So let’s say all of this becomes a reality, what’s next? How will a Scottish Eurovision entry be decided?

The rules of the Eurovision Song Contest state that it is entirely up to each participating broadcaster how they select their entry, we could see a national final or perhaps an internal selection from Scotland depending on the participating broadcaster. It is hard to predict how a Scottish Eurovision entry would be selected. Could a newly introduced national final invigorate the small nation into finding excellent musical talent? There are plenty of Scottish artist who are making waves in the music industry: Calvin Harris, Prides, CHVRCHES and Amy MacDonald to name a few.

But the question remains; could Scotland host the Eurovision Song Contest should they win? Of course Scotland could! Scotland hosted the 1972 contest from the Usher Hall in Edinburgh after accepting hosting duties which were passed on by Monaco who had won the contest but were unable to host. Scotland has a range of venues which would be perfectly suited to hosting the Eurovision Song Contest including the brand new SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow which will host the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards this November. Glasgow also notably hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games, where representatives from across the Commonwealth came to compete in a range of sports. The closing ceremony was particularly memorable in that Jessica Mauboy, Australian representative at Eurovision 2014, took to the stage to perform her Eurovision song “Sea of Flags“. The entire event which took place in the summer of 2014 was proof if it was ever needed that Scotland are perfectly capable of hosting a grand spectacle for the world to see.

We here at ESCDaily would be thrilled in welcoming a new independent Scotland into the Eurovision family but we are really interested in hearing your views! Do you think that Scotland would spice up the Eurovision mix? Which Scottish artists would you like to see represent Scotland in the future? Leave a comment below letting us know what you think and we’ll keep you updated with all the news on Scotland as it happens.