Düsseldorf 2011: Second Semi Final Winner’s Press conference

ESCDaily is pleased to be able to bring you the information and news from the Winner’s Press Conference after tonight’s show. Ryan Wilson will keep you up to date here with everything!

Getter Jaani is up first for Estonia, who says she was very pleased to get through and that it was a big relief. Her starting position for the final is 8.

Next is Romania’s Hotel FM, who says the audience was absolutely unreal, and that it was a moment they would never forget. Their starting position for the final is 17.

Moldova’s Zdob si Zdub is next, who draw start position number 15.

Jedward are their usual enthusiastic selves, and draw position number 6.

Bosnia and Herzegovina get a rousing reception from the Press Centre crowd, commenting that the production standards of the Contest are completely different from when he first participated in 1999 in Jerusalem. He draws starting position number 2.

A Friend In London from Denmark draw position number 3.

Austria is next to field questions from the press,with Nadine saying that she was incredibly nervous and excited while waiting to hear the results. She draws position number 18.

An excited Mika Newton is up next for the Ukraine, who draws position number 23.

Maja Keuc tells us the almost stopped breathing she was so nervous during the revelation of the finalists. She draws position number 20.

Eric Saade then draws the final position, number 7.

This means that the running order of the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is:

1. Finland
2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
3. Denmark
4. Lithuania
5. Hungary
6. Ireland
7. Sweden
8. Estonia
9. Greece
10. Russia
11. France
12. Italy
13. Switzerland
14. United Kingdom
15. Moldova
16. Germany
17. Romania
18. Austria
19. Azerbaijan
20. Slovenia
21. Iceland
22. Spain
23. Ukraine
24. Serbia
25. Georgia