Lithuania: Second semifinal report

LRT has recorded the second semifinal on Thursday and as I happened to be there again, here is the report for you to read hours before the live show. If you decide to tune in, do so at 20:00 CET by clicking here.

1. Guoda Isado — Čiūto tūto
A cute little folksy song with a modern twist. It was well sung and the audience in the studio really enjoyed it clapping along the song.On stage there were also 3 back singers and 2 dancers. All were dressed in what can be called cute little folksy outfits with a modern twist (exactly). The jury gave positive comments to this.

2. Valdas Maksvytis — Leisk mylėt (Let Love)
This was strange. A rather average pop song was well sung, but did not come across as a winner. Valdas had 2 back singers and 3 dancers dressed in Lady Gaga inspired outfits. Nobody in the audience really cared about this performance. The jury believed this was not Valdas’ year and suggested to come back next year with a better song.

3. VIG Roses — Freedom of mind
The song is a horror and pretty girls were spoiled by cheap outfits. The positive is, though, that both sang very well. However, there is no chance this will make it to final. Oh, and there was also some wind machine action here. The jury kind of liked it, but thought the song was not strong enough.

4. Dave and Henry — Fresh air dream
The oldest participants this year took the stage with their song about climate change. The audience was rather happy with the performance as it was rather cute. They both sang very well and seemed to enjoy themselves on stage. The jury seems to have enjoyed this.

5. Liepa — Laukiu (I’m Waiting)
The singer was all by herself on stage, so there were no distractions from the song. Liepa sang really well and the song was a cozy jazzy song, which went down very well in the audience. The jury gave extremely positive comments for her, so possibly it will get a lot of points from them.

6. Tofu Bubble — Take
There was a lot going on for this. There were 2 back singers on the left and the lead singer started with them. Then she moved to the right where the band was and everyone was dancing and messing around. While the song was sweet, it is actually harmless to others. The jury liked it, but weren’t crazy about it.

7. Nora — What is love?
Retro feel for Nora. Last year she sang with Sasha Song and this year she went solo. The song was definitely very nice, however the vocals left wanting for more. On stage with her there were 5 back vocalists as well performing a cute little dance number together with Nora. The jury was divided on this one.

8. EDEN — Sleep of Mind
Rrrrrrrrrock! I am not sure how did the others feel like in the audience, but I definitely did not like to be screamed WHYYYYYYYYYYYY at for 3 minutes. The jury, however, seemed to have liked it?.. Staging for EDEN was typical of rock bands. Long hair, a lot of head banging, etc.

9. Eglė Petrikaitė — Laimingi kaip mes (Happy As Us)
Just at 16 years old, Eglė seems to be jESC material still. The song was something we could probably see in teen TV shows. On stage Eglė had several friends who were all dancing happily. The jury agreed with me saying this would go extremely well in jESC, but for ESC it is rather immature.

10. Deividas Bastys — My girl
Denmark would love it! A happy midtempo song was performed okay, but it did not feel like a winner (or a qualifier for that matter), which was also noticed by the jury. Deividas mentioned afterwards that nerves did their thing.

11. Eglė Jakštytė — Meilė yra (Love Is Alive)
When Eglė stepped on stage, I thought: finally, Eurovision has arrived. And then she sang. Badly. A pity, because everyone was having very high expectations for this. The outfit of the singer was strange too… Some gold short dress with a train. The jury was very unhappy with it as well, noting bad vocals.

12. Kas jos tokios?“ — Unbreakable
There was a wooden box on stage with singers inside. So we did not see them until interview afterwards. The song was written in the Swedish tradition with harmonies going all over the place. I rather liked it, but I was not sure the box thing was a good idea. The jury seemed to have been confused by it as well.

13. Evelina Sašenko — C‘est ma vie (It’s My Life)
Definitely the best vocal of the night. It seems as if Evelina was in the league of her own. The song was very Broadway’ish, so in Eurovision it would be lost, but for this evening – one of the definite qualifiers. The jury were all extremely happy with the performance (I believe this will be jury’s favourite).

14. Donny Montell — Let me
Tonight’s favourite stumbled a bit. The vocals were shaky. Donny (or Donatas) picked to sing a slow version of his song, which everyone was surprised about as the uptempo seems to have been named the winner long before the selection process started. Now the jury all agreed that this was not Donny’s best performance and he seems to have been upset by the comments.

Based on what I saw, I think that most likely we are going to see Evelina Sašenko, Donny Montell and Guoda Isado in the final. Liepa might be a dark horse too.