“Semi final 2 will be a Nordic Battle between Norway and Sweden”

The second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will become a Nordic battle between Norway and Sweden. One of those countries will win the show and enter the final as one of the favourites, conclude Polish journlist Maciej Mazanski and Swedish Aftonbladet-writer Torbjoern Ek in episode 2 of the ESCDaily Show.

“Sweden has had the best first rehearsal I have seen since Sanna Nielsen went on stage in 2014,” says Mazanski. “Usually the entries are not as strong as in Melodifestivalen, but this year it is the other way around.” Ek thinks that Norway is the only nation that can top his nation Sweden. “Rybak is a winner. When I am not objective, I don’t like the song. But he is a great performer and lifts it up.”

Will Poland finally do well in the jury vote?

Poland is the nation with the biggest discrepancy between their result in the jury vote and televote in recent years. Will this year turn it around? With a DJ-song it will probably not, thinks Mazanski. “Last year I thought it would (with Kasia Mos red.) but it was not the case. I hope juries will see ‘Light me up’ as a radio friendly song and give it more points that usual.”