Semi-final one: The ten qualifiers

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164 days have passed since the first song for this years’ Eurovision Song Contest was chosen, and finally the first show of the competition is over. Out of the eighteen participants who have taken part in the first semi-final, ten of them have been given the opportunity to perform again in the final – whilst the other eight will only be able to watch from the sidelines.

The action packed show, hosted by Leyla Aliyeva, Eldar Gasimov and Nargiz Birk-Petersen took place from Baku’s newly built “Crystal Hall”. Despite the fact the show began at midnight in the Azerbaijani capital, the arena was full of energy and packed with spectators all happy to be part of Europe’s favorite TV show. Below you can see the qualifiers from the first semi final, presented in bold.

01. Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus – Euro Neuro
02. Iceland: Greta Salóme & Jónsi – Never Forget
03. Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou – Aphrodisiac
04. Latvia: Anmary – Beautiful Song
05. Albania: Rona Nishliu – Suus
06. Romania: Mandinga – Zaleilah
07. Switzerland: Sinplus – Unbreakable
08. Belgium: Iris – Would You
09. Finland: Pernilla – När Jag Blundar
10. Israel: Izabo – Time
11. San Marino: Valentina Monetta – The Social Network Song
12. Cyprus: Ivi Adamou – La La Love
13. Denmark: Soluna Samay – Should’ve Known Better
14. Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki – Party For Everybody
15. Hungary: Compact Disco – Sound Of Our Hearts

16. Austria: Trackshittaz – Woki Mit Deim Popo
17. Moldova: Pasha Parfeny – Lăutar
18. Ireland: Jedward – Waterline

Around half an hour after the show was over, the finalists and press packed into the contest press center in order to conduct the draw for the final. Two journalists had the opportunity to speak to each of the acts to see their thoughts and feelings after qualifying to the grand final. Immediately after, each act then picked an envelope which contained their draw number for the final.

01. United Kingdom: Engelbert Humperdinck – Love Will Set You Free
02. Hungary: Compact Disco – Sound of Our Hearts
03. Albania: Rona Nishliu – Suus
04. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
05. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
06. Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki – Party For Everybody
07. Iceland: Greta Salóme & Jónsi – Never Forget
08. Cyprus: Ivi Adamou – La La Love
09. France: Anggun – Echo (You and I)
10. Italy: Nina Zilli – L’amore e femmina (Out of love)
11. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
12. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
13. Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva – When the Music Dies
14. Romania: Mandinga – Zaleilah
15. Denmark: Soluna Samay – Should’ve Known Better
16. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
17. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
18. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
19. Spain: Pastora Soler – Quédate conmigo
20. Germany: Roman Lob – Standing Still
21. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
22. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
23. Ireland: Jedward – Waterline
24. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
25. Qualifier from Semifinal 2
26. Moldova: Pasha Parfeny – Lăutar

Tomorrow evening, two dress rehearsals for the second semi final will take place. Furthermore, a press conference from the contest organisers, Íctimai TV along with the Eurovision Broadcasting Union will hold a press conference on the contest tomorrow afternoon, giving feedback to the press on the contest as a whole so far.