Serbia: “Bojana Stamenov second artist on February 14th”

According to the Serbian newsportal ESC Serbia, composer Vladimir Graić has chosen the second artist that will sing one of his songs in the Serbian national final. Broadcaster RTS will air that show on the 14th of February, says ESC Serbia.

Earlier ESC Daily reported that Danica Krstić and Goga Stanic were selected after a couple of casting shows. However, it now looks as though Graić changed his mind: only Krstić will get a song.

There will be one third and final candidate who is going to be selected later. Rumour has it that Danijel Pavlovic, the half-brother of 2007-winner Marija Serifovic, will be that third artist. Broadcaster RTS has yet to confirm this news.

Serbia will return to the contest after dropping out of the edition 0f 2014. In their last participation Moje 3 failed to reach the final with their song “Ljubav je svuda”.