Serbia: Candidates presented on Beovizija

First night of Beovizija (Serbian national competition for Eurovision), was held tonight in Belgrade. During the night, we had chance to meet three candidates: Bojana Stamenov, Danica Krstić and Aleksa Jelić. This first night was reserved only for candidates introduction and we did not have opportunity to hear their official Eurovision songs.

Two ladies, Bojana Stamenov and Danica Krstić and one gentleman Aleksa Jelić, will compete for one ticket to Vienna. During the one hour show, candidates presented themselves by singing national and foreign hits, while showing impressive vocal abilities and the quality for which they were selected.

At the end of the first night of Beovizija, the line up for the next night was made. Aleksa Jelić will perform first with the song called Vodi me (Lead me), Danica is performing second with Suze za kraj (Tears for the end) and Bojana will perform third with Ceo svet je moj (Whole world is mine). All of them will perform songs created by Vlada Graić, a well known Serbian composer.

There is no doubt that all of the candidates have their own unique signature: young Danica Krstić is called guardian of traditional Balkans music, Aleksa Jelić is not exactly a singer, he is a professional dancer and with him on the stage, great performance is guaranteed. Bojana Stamenov was on the finalist on the “I’ve got talent” show where she left a great impression.

Final night of Beovizija will be held on 15th of February at 21:00 CET. Let’s wait and see which one of these great candidates will represent Serbia on this years Eurosong competition.