“Serbia likely to participate in 2014”

It has been announced that Serbia will participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2014, according to several sources in the Balkan area. After the surprising withdrawal of Croatia from the competition last week, questions were raised whether or not Serbia would commit to Copenhagen, as well – considering the failed success of the Balkan nations in Malmö.

RTS director Aleksandar Tijanić matched those inquiries with an assessment of the situation. It has not been officially confirmed by RTS as of yet, but all signs point towards Serbia participating in 2014. Eurovision is a huge success in Serbia, and after hosting the competition in 2008, Tijanić was quoted saying that the nation cannot see a year go by without upholding their reputation, despite it being costly.

Meanwhile, fellow Balkan nations Croatia are absent from Copenhagen, while Bosnia and Herzegovina still hang in the balance, having withdrawn last year from Malmö.