Serbia: Public televised selection for Lisbon 2018

Serbia has chosen a new strategy when it comes to selecting their act for the Eurovision Song Contest. Broadcaster RTS has announced a public anonymous competition for the selection of a composition that will represent Serbia in the most watched world music competition.

Applications are open until the 20th of October 20. Even though there will be a televised show next year, it will still be the broadcaster that makes the call on who gets to sing for Serbia at the contest.

In recent years Serbia made a partially or fully internal selection. But after Tijana Bogićević (pictured above) did not make it to the final with her song ‘In Too Deep’, there is now a change of plans.

Artist must have Serbian nationality

Even though composers from all over the world are allowed to apply a song to the Serbian selection, the performing artist must have the Serbian nationality. The song also must be song in Serbian or another national language in the Balkan nation, which could be Hungarian, Bosnian, Slovakian, Croatian, Albanian or Romanian.

After the 20th of October an RTS selection committee will narrow down all composed songs to a list of maximum ten songs. These songs will be performed live in a show broadcast by RTS, but it is not a national final as we are all used. After that show a jury will pick which song will represent Serbia in Lisbon for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

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  1. Of course, the competing hopefuls need to be at least 16. Also, I’m really hoping for Emilia Đjonin to participate! She just celebrated her 17th birthday recently. 😀

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