Serbia: Željko Joksimović presents “Nije Ljubav Stvar” to Europe

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Tonight the Serbian song, Nije Ljubav Stvar performed by Željko Joksimović, was presented to the public for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The program was aired via RTS 1, RTS SAT and additional online services. Zeljko also presented English version of the song called “Synonym”.

During the program “Evropska pesma”, Željko presented the Serbian Eurovision entry to local and international viewers, plus performed some of his most popular hits with the guest artists. Joining the star on stage was Jelena Tomašević (Serbia 2008) and Hari Mata Hari (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006), whose Eurovision entries were both composed by Joksimović. Additionally, Bora Dugić (backing musician for Tomašević in 2008), Ivan Bosiljčić (actor and husband of Tomašević) and Halid Bešlić (Bosnian singer) featured in the show. Željko was accompanied by the RTS Symphony Orchestra, which includes 40 musicians.

Željko will perform the Serbian version titled “Nije Ljubav Stvar” in Baku!

You can listen to the Serbian and English versions of Zeljko’s Eurovision 2012 entry below;

  • “Nije ljubav stvar”

  • “Synonym”