Sergey Lazarev and his dream team present Russian song ‘Scream’

Sergey Lazarev singing for Russia in 2016 screenshot YouTube Eurovision

The song that superstar Sergey Lazarev will perform on behalf of Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is called ‘Scream’. Check out the ballad, composed by a familiar dream team, in this article.

Eurovision veteran Philipp Kirkorov is top of the list of composers, together with fellow “dream team” regular Dimitris Kontopoulos. He is credited for contributing the song’s melody and production work. The Swedish-American songwriter Sharon Vaughn (who composed the Irish song ‘Waterline’ for Jedward in 2012) is also behind this song.

The Moscow Symphony Orchestra pre-recorded the song, and we will hear their instruments in Tel Aviv as well.

Sergey Lazarev – Scream (Russia Eurovision 2019):

Sergey Lazarev returns to win Eurovision

With another “dream team” behind the entry, could 2019 be the year that Russia scores its second ever Eurovision win? Sergey Lazarev already came close to victory in 2016, when he won the televote in Stockholm. It was not enough for the full win though, which went to Jamala from Ukraine.

Last year, for the first time in history, Russia did not make it to the grand final with Yulia Samoylova. Russian broadcaster Channel One wants to get revenge in 2019, by sending one of the biggest stars of the country…