Sergey Lazarev: “Don’t look at betting, don’t think about voting”

Sergey Lazarev Eurovision Lazarev press conference

Sergey Lazarev learned a clear lesson from his previous Eurovision participation. “You have to enjoy yourself on stage. Don’t look at the betting, don’t think about the voting.”

Lazarev wants to enjoy his performance, and really live in the moment. However, this does not mean that he is not motivated by getting a good result. “Of course I want to have a good result. I want to win, everyone wants to win Eurovision.”

The Russian superstar, who finished 3rd in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, has only one goal for this year. But this cannot be in his mind while he is performing. “During the performance, you have to think only about your singing, your moving. You have to live in the moment. And after the performance, you start to think about the result.”

Sergey Lazarev: “During the performance, you have to enjoy yourself”

Kirkorov: “We had to show Europe a different side of Sergey Lazarev”

Composer Philip Kirkorov, of course, also took the microphone during the Russian press conference. He explained why his team almost forced Sergey Lazarev to come back to Eurovision. “Europe only saw one part of Sergey ‘s talent. ‘You are the only one’ was very theatrical. That’s why, when we started to prepare for Eurovision, we showed him different kinds of songs. Songs with a strong melody, strong voice. So that he can show Europe that he’s a great great singer. We pushed him and pushed him, because first he said: no! But now we are here.”