“Serhat and Victor Crone took the spots of ethnic entries from Hungary and Portugal”

San Marino first rehearsal 2019 Photo by: Thomas Hanses

In our podcast Daily Coffee, Steef van Gorkum looks back at the surprises of the first semi final of Eurovision 2019. “Serhat and Victor Crone took the spots of more ethnic entries from Hungary and Portugal.”

We look at the reception of the results among fans on Social Media. There, the qualification of San Marino and Estonia seems to be the most negative surprises, together with the fact that Pápai Joci for Hungary did not make the cut.

We also talk about the positives, how the renewed Greek strategy gave them success again. And if Australia, a potential semi final winner, can also get a top-3 result in the final from a starting position in the second half of that show on Saturday.

Check out the full podcast below!

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