Sheppard: “We’ll interact with animations on stage, like Mans Zelmerlöw”

“In our Eurovision: Australia Decides- performance, we will use technology to tell a story,” says George Sheppard to ESCDaily. “We took a lot of inspiration from Sweden’s Eurovision win with “Heroes” by Mans Zelmerlöw”. 

“We are not copying his performance exactly, obviously. But we want to tell a story in a unique way. We will interact with animations on stage, like Mans Zelmerlöw did.”

George, lead vocalist of the band Sheppard, spoke on the phone with ESCDaily’s Chief Editor Steef van Gorkum. Sheppard is one of the most popular bands in pop music at the moment, not just in Australia but worldwide. “But that’s what Eurovision should be like,” says George. “And I think Australia is very motivated to send its biggest stars, because we just feel so honoured to be invited into the closed circle. We don’t take that for granted and we want to make sure we are sending our best.”

Listen to the full interview with the band Sheppard below:

“It has to be a good song first and foremost,” George Sheppard claims. “To be succesful in Eurovision, it’s all about energy, energy, energy. Therefore, we have written a song that is very uplifting, anthemic, high energy. You can sing along to it quickly.”

“On my way” is an even better song than Geronimo, says Sheppard

Steef van Gorkum then asked: “Is this song even better than your biggest hits, like “Geronimo” or “Coming home”?”

George Sheppard: “I really enjoyed “Coming Home” personally, but “On My Way” is definitely more mature than “Geronimo”. It is my favorite song that we’ve released so far, it shows that we are growing up as an artist. And if it takes us to Eurovision, to Tel Aviv, that would be amazing. Eurovision would probably blow our expectations out of the water.”