The Shortlist (10) France

Who are the big favorites for Kiev? In the next couple of weeks we will highlight some interesting participants, based on the odds they have been given by the bookmakers. This week we are providing a shortlist of countries that lead the board in the second semi final. Today’s report is about France.


French singer Alma was born in French but spent much of her time in other countries. A college graduate, Alma eventually moved to Paris, France to pursue music. She has released two past singles, one of which is expected to be on her upcoming album, Ma peau aime. She is signed to Warner Music France, and will represent her county at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Requiem”.


“Requiem” is a slightly divisive pop song. Sassy percussion and light strings are main components of the song, and Alma’s pleasant voice adds a lot. The French language is beautiful, but after a leaked video of a performance of the song before September 1, the song’s chorus was changed to English.

The song tells the tale of a couple in love, and because “nothing ever dies” they won’t “need (a) requiem). The classy video astonishing visuals as well as a beautiful, French setting.

Explaining the odds

France, a Big 5 nation, will directly qualify to the final. Alma is expected to place in 10th place by the bookmakers. Hopefully she can keep the high result of France alive from last year, as Amir’s “J’ai Cherche” placed 6th overall.