The Shortlist (5) Greece

Who are the big favorites for Kiev? In the next couple of weeks we will highlight some interesting participants, based on the odds they have been given by the bookmakers. This week we are providing a shortlist of countries that lead the board in the first semi final. Today’s report is about Greece.


Demy is the stage name of Dimitra Papadea. She has made music since 2011 in the pop, R&B and dance genre and can be described as a diverse artist. Broadcaster ERT has selected her internally for the contest. She won Best New Artist in the 2012 MAD Music Awards. Her first album scored a nr 1 hit in Greece, after which she also scored hits with songs such as “Fallin,” “The Sun,” and “Mia Zografia.”

A dream team will accompany Demy at the Eurovision Song Contest. Dimitris Kontopoulos is the songwriter behind Eurovision podium finishers ‘You Are The Only One’ (Russia 2016), ‘Hold Me’ (Azerbaijan 2013), and ‘Shady Lady’ (Ukraine 2008). Fokas Evagelinos is the most succesfull staging director in the history of the contest. All nine songs that Fokas Evagelinos staged, finished in the top 10 of the contest. You can watch a short overview of his amazing track record here.

“This is Love”

During the national final, televoters chose “This is Love” as the song for Demy. The song starts as a ballad but quickly evolves into a dance song after roughly 40 seconds. After every chorus, there is an instrumental disco part with a beat. This makes the last two minutes of the song suitable not only for Euroclub, but also for a big visual performance at the Eurovision stage.

The video clip of the song is mostly in black and white. The only other colour displayed is red – Demy’s dress is red, and the lyrics of the song appear in red on the screen as well.

Explaining the odds

Greece lost its 100% track record of qualifying in Eurovision semies last year. However, the country is now on top of the lists for bookmakers to qualify for the final. At 1.2 odds, you can only get 20cts for every 1€ you bet on Demy to qualify.

As for the Grand Final, Greece is only at the subtop of the polls. For victory, the country is a long shot at 70 to 1, however top 10 seems more plausible at odds of roughly 2.8 for every 1€ you bet. Will those odds change when we have seen the rehearsals in May? With a stage director like Fokas, you can never be too sure.