The Shortlist (7): Serbia

Who are the big favorites for Stockholm? In the next couple of weeks we will highlight some interesting participants, based on the odds they have been given by the bookmakers. This week we are providing a shortlist of the four countries that lead the board in the second semi final. Today’s report is about Serbia.

Sanja Vučić
Sanja Vučić aged twenty-two spent her childhood specialising in operatic singing at her local music school in Kruševac, Serbia. She also shown musical diversity by performing in an ethno music band called Bele vile and performing in her church choir at Saint Prince Lazar.

ZAA is the name of Sanja’s band for which she is the lead vocalist founded in 2012. They are known for their crossover genre work between pop, jazz, dubstep and more. The band have performed more than 200 concerts throughout the former Yugoslavia, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary. ZAA have released one album back in 2014 entitled “What About”.

Sanja alongside ZAA were selected internally to represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest. They wish to provide a message of support to female victims of domestic violence through their entry which was written by Ivana Peters.

“Goodbye (Shelter)”
Their song “Goodbye (Shelter)” is a Balkan pop ballad that utilises the subject of domestic violence visually through Sanja’s body language and musically through the striking string instruments alongside Sanja’s professional yet raw vocal energy. Lyrically the song denotes the power needed to break through from stress and abuse and to say “Goodbye” to the old way of living. Watch the video clip below!

Explaining the odds
Serbia have not always been successful in qualifying for the Eurovision final, but in 2016 things look good for them. They are currently very likely to qualify through the second semi-final as they are fourth to qualify by the bookmakers. They also have moderate potential to finish high in this year’s contest, as they stand tenth by the bookmakers to win Eurovision 2016.