Sietse Bakker: “Countries may choose between rehearsal tape or back-up tape”

Sietse Bakker Event Supervisor Eurovision 2021

If one of the Eurovision singers gets sick during next week, they may not perform on stage due to COVID- regulations. However, they do not have to use their previously recorded back-up tape. According to Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker, every country may choose a rehearsal runthrough instead.

Earlier this week, Ukraine’s lead singer Katerina Pavlenko missed her rehearsal due to illness. She ended up testing negative for COVID. However, if this would happen to any artist during the week of the shows, a live performance would not be possible. A choice between the back-up tape and a rehearsal runthrough may then be imminent.

ESCDaily’s Steef van Gorkum spoke to Head of Contest Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen about the back-up tapes. He hopes nobody except Australia has to use these tapes.

Check out our full interview with Sietse Bakker below:

This item has been made for the online press centre updates at Eurovision 2021, with which Team ESCDaily collaborates during these two Eurovision weeks.