Editorial: Six artists who could represent Australia at Eurovision 2017

Australia in Eurovision

After it being confirmed that Australia will be competing in Kiev next year, now comes the hard part. SBS has to select one artist to represent the country at Eurovision 2017. Australia has a wealth of broad talent, but Australian journalist Joshua Mayne narrows it down to six acts that could (possibly) improve on Dami Im’s result earlier this year.

Joshua Mayne is an aspiring journalist and high school student from Sydney, Australia. Over the past few years he followed Eurovision religiously, and really enjoyed everything it has to offer. For this Australian website, he wrote this special editorial, about six potential Eurovision acts from Down Under:

Chynna Taylor

Born in the United States, living in Australia and with the name “Chynna”, you couldn’t really choose anyone less European to compete in Eurovision! However, that’s not what it’s about. Eurovision is about singing, and that is what Chynna Taylor does best.

Mentored by Guy Sebastian (2015 Australian Eurovision entrant) on the X-Factor Australia this year, Chynna knows what it takes to command the stage with her incredible tone.

After a shock early elimination in the X-Factor Australia, fans couldn’t believe that someone with such a strong, gritty and heartfelt voice did not make it any further in the competition. Surely becoming Australia’s Eurovision entrant would make up for this…

Delta Goodrem

An Australian favourite, Delta Goodrem is well known for her versatile singing ability. She has the gift of being able to begin a song with her angelic, delicate tone, only for a powerful and almost groovy voice to come out when the chorus is reached.

Her song ‘Sitting On Top Of The World’ contains the type of energy that could win the competition. Her incredibly vast skillset is displayed in this track as she contrasts soft verses with an energetic and joyful chorus.

Delta is a professional in the business, so Australia can be confident in her to deliver a superb performance on the Eurovision stage.

Empire Of The Sun

This electronic duo – made up of Nick Littlemore and Luke Steel – certainly live up to the ‘weirdness’ that Eurovision can be known for. Not only is their style of music very unique, but their costumes are also on another level of brilliantly bizarre.

Empire Of The Sun is a group of two artists who love to create new pieces of music. This passion for creativity is what makes them so striking (their colourful look helps, as well). They love what they do, and this will make them memorable.

Isaiah Firebrace

With a name like ‘Isaiah Firebrace’, this sixteen-year-old singer already sounds like someone who will be successful. He may be youthful, but he possesses such a mature style.

Isaiah was the winner of X-Factor Australia 2016 and is a fan favourite of the competition. When he sings, he sings from the heart, and the people of Europe will definitely connect with his performance if he is selected.

Imagine the vocal talent and range of Justs, combined with the passion of Jamala. That’s the kind of talent that Isaiah Firebrace has. Yes, he’s very young, but when you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

Karise Eden

She turned all four chairs within a few seconds on the Voice Australia in 2012 with her striking gritty voice, so Karise Eden would be sure to attract attention at Eurovision.

It’s almost impossible to associate her with another singer, seeing that she’s such a unique artist. Currently, she’s a mum and enjoying her new role in life, but could an entry into Eurovision be the experience that welcomes her back into the musical spotlight?

Sure, she’s not flamboyant, but her soulful tone alone is most definitely enough to impress.

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu

Providing Europe with traditional Australian Aboriginal music could be the refreshing performance needed to have an Australian win the Eurovision Song Contest. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu is a blind vocalist who sings about spirit and connection to the land.

A song performed at Eurovision by this man would be entirely unexpected. And the cultural significance and importance would make for an unforgettable experience.

Australia has been granted a spot in Eurovision again. Displaying native and historical roots is just the unique Australian culture that Europe would love to see.


  1. I think Australia’s best shot at a victory will be with the people who are among the favourites, who arent listed here. That is the Veronicas. They have said they want to do it, so I think they are Australia’s best shot at a victory. I have loved them for years, so hope they do anyway

  2. None of the above are suitable. Delta wont do it, she does not have to, she is also busy with “the voice”
    They will send either the veronicas, not my favorite, not family friendly, they are loose cannons that cant be trusted, they may be popular with the Televoters, but the Judges would hate them.
    They have also touted Jesicca Mauboy, but she does not have the voice anymore, her nerves in 2014 were terrible also.
    My Pick is Anthony callea.
    Really they need someone that can really sing live and blow it out of the park, not many can do that.

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