Slovenia: Misija Evrovizija heat six results

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Misija Evrovizija heat six was held tonight. Eight qualifiers from the first four heats fought for the last four places into the next round.

Eight qualifiers from previous heats of Misija Evrovizija were back fighting for another four places into the next round. The show was hosted by Klemen Slakonja and Maja Keuc (Slovenia 2011) once again and tonight we saw four qualifiers picked separately by the jury and by the televoters. The jury consists of the same people as last week; Darja Švajger, Raay, Tina Marinšek and Jonas Žnidaršič. The seventh heat of Misija Evrovizija will be held on November 13th.

01. Sara Jagrič
02. David Matići
03. Manuela Brečko
04. Nika Zorjan
05. Brina Vidic
06. Klemen Orter
07. Nadja Irgolič
08. Nastja Gabor

01. Nadja Igorlic
02. Brina Vidic
03. Manuela Brecko
04. Nika Zorjan

Next week, the final eight singers will face off, with one singer being eliminated at the end of the show.

Stay tuned!