Slovenia: Omar Naber and Maja Keuc return to EMA

Omar Naber and Maja Keuc, who represented Slovenia at the 2005 and 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, will try to represent their country once again. Naber took part in EMA many times before, and will also do this in 2017 again.

Naber and Keuc, now performing as Amaya, are amongst of the 16 participants in EMA, which format has been revamped after Slovenia failed to reach the final in Stockholm earlier this year. They will both take part in the first semi final on the 17th of February, the second semi final will be held one day later.

Acts in Semi-final 1

King Foo
Lea Sirk
Nika Zorjan
Omar Naber
Sell Out
Tosca Beat
Zala Đurić Ribič

Acts in Semi-final 2

Ina Shai
Kataya & Duncan Kamakana
Nuška Drašček
Tim Kores Kori
United Pandaz & ARSELLO feat. Alex Volasko

Four acts will proceed from each semi-final, with 8 acts competing in the Grand Final of the selection which will take place on the 24 February 2017.