Slovenia: Omar Naber wins EMA and a ticket to Eurovision

Omar Naber has won the grand final of EMA 2017 and thus will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. The song ‘On My Way’ was chosen as the winning entry by a 50/50 combination of televoting and six-member jury voting.

Surprisingly, Omar Naber did not win the televoting – he finished second here to BQL. However his margin from the jury vote was big enough to carry his victory. For the entire split results, see the bottom of this article.

RTVSLO changed the format of EMA this year, introducing semi finals to the contest. This resulted in a field of eight competitors this Friday night. Former Eurovision participant Omar Naber was one of the candidates, as was Raiven. She reached the super final of EMA last year.

Omar’s return to Kiev

Omar Naber took part at Eurovision before in 2005. His song ‘Stop’ failed to qualify for the final back then, when the contest was also held in Kiev. You can read back our live blog by Ani Shahoyan for the Slovenian final here, and check out the Slovenian act for Kiev below!

Full results

This was the final result of the night:

The jury voting finished as follows:

  1. Omar Naber – On my way 64pt
  2. Nuška Drašček – Flower in the snow 56pt
  3. Raiven – Zazarim 46pt
  4. BQL – Heart of Gold 42pt
  5. Nika Zorjan – Fse 20pt
  6. King Foo – Wildfire 14pt
  7. Tim Kores – Open Fire 10pt
  8. Sell Out – Ni Panike 0pt

The televoting then gave the following points:

  1. BQL – Heart of Gold 72pt
  2. Omar Naber – On my Way 60pt
  3. Raiven – Zazarim 48pt
  4. Niki Zorjan – Fse 36pt
  5. Sell Out – Ni Panike 24pt
  6. Nuška Drašček – Flower in the snow 12pt
  7. King Foo – Wildfire 0pt
  8. Tim Kores – Open Fire 0pt