Slovenia: Second heat of Misija Evrovizija

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The second live show of Misija Evrovizija, will be held tonight. Another eight contestants will compete, just like in the previous show last week, but only half of them will qualify to the next show (two chosen by the jury, and two by the televoters).

The identity of the performers will be revealed during the show, all we know is that tonight we will see 3 male and 7 female performers. The show will be hosted by Klemen Slakonja and Maja Keuc. The jury consist by the same peoples like last week (Darja Švajger, Raay, Tina Marinšek, Jonas Žnidaršič).

You can watch the show live on TV SLO 1 at 20:00 CET or online here.

Stay tuned for more information about Misija Evrovizija.