Slovenia: Seventh heat of Misija Evrovizija tonight; Results (UPDATE)

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The seventh live show of Misija Evrovizija will be held tonight. The final eight contestants from the first four heats will be performing tonight to gather enough votes to stay in the competition for another week.

The eight finalists, from the previous heats of Misija Evrovizija, will be back fighting for a place into the next round. From tonight’s show until the end of Misija Evrovizija, the performer with the lowest amount of votes will be cut from the competition each week until we’re left with the winner. The show will be hosted by Klemen Slakonja and Maja Keuc (Slovenia 2011) once again with the jury consisting of the same people as last week; Darja Švajger, Raay, Tina Marinšek and Jonas Žnidaršič.

You can watch the show live on TV SLO 1 at 20:00 CET or online here.

1. Brina Vidic
2. Manuela Brečko
3. Gašper Rifelj
4. Eva Boto
5. Flora Ema Lotrič
6. Nika & Eva Prusnik
7. Nadja Irgolič
8. Nika Zorjan

Tonight Gašper Rifelj was elimiated from the show, leaving only female participants left in the compeition!