Slovenia: ‘We’re using headphones to avoid distractions’

The Slovenian duo Maraaya is always wearing their headphones while performing, and they will also do so during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The told ESC Daily they do this because it makes them feel like they are performing in the studio.

Lead-singer Marjetka says: “The idea about our headphones came from this: I wanted to feel as comfortable as in the studio. So I want to wear my headphone on stage always. Her partner Raay adds: “Because with her distinguished vocals, which requires a lot of emotion, you need to be all alone in your own world. And the headphone gives that feeling to her on stage.”

We spoke with the duo at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam. Besides being musicians, they are also living together and forming a family. This family life with children was the main inspiration to form the duo Maraaya, a combination of its members Marjetka and Raay’s names, while its pronunciation means “She has Raay” in the Slovene language.

Raay: “It actually inspired us. Especially for the Maraaya-project. We were in another group together before, and wanted to end our career on stage. But then this interpretation showed up, after our second born son.”

Achieving a big success in the contest… It has been a couple of years ago already for Slovenia, but Marjetka doesn’t have an actual goal in the contest: “We wanted to do something new and fresh, and have fun while doing it. As a musician you must do what you feel. I am now discovering all my potentials, now I sound like this but I don’t know what it will be in ten years.”